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Girls Camp with Makerere University Students

In a remarkable collaboration between Kiisimu Girls, Makerere University students, and Newman’s as a sponsoring partner, a transformative Girl Empowerment Camp was organized. Over the course of four days, more than 300 girls gathered to participate in this inspiring event.

The camp, organized by a dedicated team of Makerere University volunteers pursuing their second-year degrees in social work and social administration, aimed to provide a safe and empowering space for girls to address important topics. Discussions centered around crucial issues such as early pregnancies and sanitation, but it went beyond that.

During the camp, the girls courageously shared their challenges and experiences, revealing the alarming reality that many of them had been victims of rape, often at the hands of their uncles and stepfathers. Recognizing the urgent need for support and guidance, the organizers arranged counseling sessions to address both personal and societal issues, ensuring the emotional well-being of the participants.

As the camp progressed, a strong sense of unity and camaraderie emerged among the girls, nurtured by the combined efforts of Kiisimu Girls, Makerere University students, and the generous sponsorship from Newman’s. To celebrate the girls’ achievements and growth, the final day of the camp was dedicated to fun games and competitions.

Athletics, bottle filling races, eating competitions, skits, and poems were among the various activities that showcased the girls’ talents and fostered friendships. The girls not only displayed their skills but also encouraged each other to excel, fostering a supportive environment throughout the camp.

Adding an extra dose of motivation, Newman’s provided a special prize for the winner of the overall competition—a goat to take home. This gesture aimed to inspire the girls to embrace healthy competition and strive for success in all aspects of their lives.

The Girl Empowerment Camp, organized in partnership between Kiisimu Girls, Makerere University students, and sponsored by Newman’s, served as an exceptional initiative to address critical issues faced by young girls. Beyond discussions and counseling, the camp offered an opportunity for the girls to develop essential skills, seek guidance, and form lasting connections.

This collaborative effort highlights the power of community engagement and demonstrates the commitment to empowering young girls. By providing these girls with opportunities and support, the organizers and sponsors aim to create a society where every girl can confidently overcome obstacles and achieve her dreams.

The success of this transformative camp serves as a testament to the potential for change when different organizations come together in a shared mission to empower and uplift girls. It is a reminder that through collaborative efforts, we can create a future where all girls thrive and realize their full potential.

Here is a gallery of Photos from the event: GALLERY


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